Open eyes. Open the door. Lights on.
Tap on. Teeth. Brush. White.
Wash face. Cream. Razor. No beard. Tap off.
Clothes off. Tap on. Shower. Tap off.
Lights off. Close door.
Towel. Clothes on. Fix hair. Smell good.
Walk. Breakfast.
Sit down. Chew. Gulp. Get up.
Socks on. Shoes on. Bag on. Lock the door.
Stand. Wait. Hop on. Find a seat.
Hop off. Walk in. Smile. Greet. Sit down.
Type. Click. Type. Click.
Get up. Walk. Press button. Coffee.
Throw the cup. Walk back. Sit down.
Type. Click. Type. Click.
Minimize a window. Close another. Standby. Lunch.
Get up. Walk. Climb stairs. Tear a coupon.
Wait in line. Get a plate. Fill with food.
Sit down. Chew. Gulp.
Chat. Laugh. Unlock phone.
Swipe. Scroll. Refresh. One new notification.
Birthday. High school friend.
Type. Colon, right bracket. Post. Wish sent.
Lock phone. Get up. Walk. Down the stairs. Sit down.
Password. Type. Click. Type. Click.
Refresh. One unread email. Conference. Regards, Boss.
Get up. Walk. Enter room. Smile. Greet. Find a seat.
Listen. Take notes. Pitch in. Shake hands. Walk out.
Walk. Press button. Coffee.
Dip. Bite. Crunch. Biscuit.
Throw the cup. Walk. Enter room. Restroom.
Open zip. Wait. Flush. Close zip.
Tap on. Press for soap. Wash hands. Tap off.
Extend hands. Hot air. Dryer. Wait.
Pull a tissue. Wipe hands. Throw tissue.
Walk out. Down the aisle. Sit down.
Type. Click. Type. Click.
Close a window. Close another one. Time to go.
Get up. Smile. Greet. Walk out.
Stand. Wait. Hop on. Find a seat.
Hop off. Unlock door. Shoes off. Socks off. Bag off.
Open the door. Lights on. Clothes off. Tap on. Shower.
Tap off. Towel. Clothes on.
Lights off. Close the door. Walk. Dinner.
Sit down. Chew. Gulp. Get up.
Walk. Sofa. Sit down.
Grab remote. TV on. Switch channels.
Favourite movie. Watch. Yawn. TV off.
Get up. Walk. Walk. Open the door. Lights on.
Tap on. Brush. Teeth. White.
Wash face. Tap off. Towel. Dry.
Lights off. Close the door.
Snuck into bed. Pull the blanket. Shut eyes.
Sleep. Wake. Repeat.

Open your eyes, soak in the sunshine,
Feel its warmth on your skin — soft, benign.
Left foot, right foot, run;
A trail left behind, run until your shoelaces are undone.
Feel the shower drops cleansing the skin pores,
If only there were petrichor.
Take time to pick out what you want to wear,
Gaze at the colours, stare.
Watch the seconds hand move around,
Watch it for sixty counts, so profound.
One hand not only dictates the other two,
But also, our day and what we do.
Eat breakfast for dinner, and dinner for lunch,
Savour every morsel as you munch.
As the food treads down your throat,
Notice the cereal make stellar formations on the milk, afloat.
Read and write and learn,
Hop onto a moving bus, don’t wait your turn.
Skip work, meet that friend in lieu
Of posting, “Happy birthday to you!”
Listen and talk, exchange stories,
Laugh and joke around, relive and create memories.
Take in the sights as you walk back — the trees, the clouds, the shrubs
Instead of holding onto the bus ticket stub.
Watch as people strut by, akin to robots,
Living through the day in timed slots.
Watch the sun set and the moon rise,
Watch the street lamp attract a hundred fireflies.
Stop by for coffee, take in the fragrance,
As the froth kisses your lips, oh, the magnificence.
Keep your socks on when you close the front door,
Run, slide, skid, slip across the floor.
Binge on your favourite movies and shows,
Binge-watch, there’s no one who’ll oppose.
Burn the midnight oil, but not for work,
But to take note of the night’s quirks.
Introspect, because we don’t do it enough,
Sharpen ideas that are sketchy and rough.
Inhale, exhale, feel your breath,
Applaud your body, for it works relentlessly till death.
Pull your blanket and go to sleep,
Or not, if you wish to explore your thoughts so deep.
In this order,
Cause disorder.


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