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Write an essay about the one thing you love,
Was the toughest assignment I ever got.

To compartmentalise you into
Introduction, body, and conclusion
Was not possible —
You needed no introduction,
The largest part of the essay
Was too small to describe you,
And I’d hate our love to have a conclusion.

I would require a lifetime
To write a narrative essay
That would tell our story
Without missing the minutest of details.

Our love was too vast
To paint a picture through
A descriptive essay;
It simply wouldn’t fit the canvas.

To write an expository essay
Was an onerous task.
Facts, statistics, and numbers
Wouldn’t be proof enough of the way I felt.

Only a fool would need sound reasoning
In the form of a persuasive essay
To make our love look convincing;
Our love was never debatable.

I could write a thousand words about you,
But only three would matter the most.

National Poetry Month: 27/30

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