Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

As the night falls,
They gather to carouse.
They, the demons inside.

The moon has the same shine;
A reflection, that glistens
In their eyes.

The demons disallow any sleep,
The custodians of the night,
Insomnia gradually creeps.

The dark crescent under my eyes
Deepens; tired eyes become hollow,
Creating for them a habitat to thrive.

They return every night,
Guests? No, parasites;
The demons toy with my mind.

Shackled in chains,
I try to break free,
A slave, I entertain.

The moon dips, the sun rises,
The demons loosen their clutch,
Leaving me jaded.

The clock ticks, the day passes,
Warped, distorted; I await the demons,
Losing grasp of reality.

A solo fight with the demons,
I cannot drown them,
For they know how to swim.

A constant battle with them
And myself; It is a worthless pursuit
To triumph over my demons.


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